Monday, November 5, 2012

Changing Creative Media

I did some quilting this weekend -- I'll have to take some pix and show you the very fun potholders I made for our upcoming Quilter's Boutique.  I enjoyed sitting with my boys while I stitched and they read.  It was a really nice evening of 'togetherness'.  The cats even enjoyed the quiet time, curled up in their laps. 

Later today, my Stampin' Up order is coming in from the big one-day stamp sale we had last week. I cannot wait to play with my new goodies!  By the way, Stampin' Up said typically they sell about 14,000 stamp sets in a day, but on Monday, they sold 193,000!  Thank you to all my customers -- as I earned two accessories from the upcoming Spring Catalog!!  You know I'll be sharing that with you!

So happy Monday to you - and I hope you've carved out some time to vote tomorrow.  It's such a privilege to vote--and a right that women fought for with their lives years ago.  Let's not have their efforts be in vain.  VOTE - and then at least you'll have the right to complain when things don't go your way!  :) 

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