Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Creations

It's a tradition to carve our pumpkins *on* Halloween because they are at their best for all to see!  We actually cleaned out the pumpkins on the 30th this year because school got in the way of having time to do it all before going out trick-or-treating.

So this year, my oldest son decided to try his hand at an owl design.  It was one of those glow designs -- where you chisel off the rind, but leave the soft pulp behind.  He had help from his Daddy with the sharp chisels and drill bits to get the eyes out.  But I think it turned out awesome!

This one was created by my youngest, who did it all by himself!  He took his pumpkin and design across the street to his friend's house and carved it there!  He calls this "Cosmo Cat".

I always seem to choose those dastardly advanced ones.  And then start it an hour before I have to be somewhere.  Good thing Troy let me use his chisels on pumpkins (and not wood!) - because I think it did just a fabulous job!  I got the design from X-Acto, but I changed it up a bit of course.  I don't have the patience to transfer the design.  I tend to use it as a guide and draw it in as I remember it.  Maybe that's how I can call it my own, I suppose.  :)

There's a Lego knight standing in front, to the right.  My boys chose the frightened ("freaked out") face for him.  I suppose I'd be too if I had that thing flying over me!  

Hope you had a fun Halloween!!

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Heather North said...

These jack-o-lanterns are great! I love the Lego night facing the dragon. :)