Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Going Batty

Today was card making night with my boys.  They have not really done any stamping, so tonight was learning the basics (don't cram the stamp into the ink pad), clean-as-you-go (so you don't put an elbow into the ink pad), punching and embossing (watch those fingers!).  They actually did a fair job in making bows, but they needed to use the entire roll of ribbon to do so!

All in all, they had fun, didn't lose patience, and proved to me that I chose the right type of cards for their age group to teach at school.

Over the next few days, I'll show you what we made.  You can make these too!  Just contact me to find out how!

This was their first card - they daubed the basic gray CS with classic black ink with a circle to mask the moon.  Then they practiced stamping bats (from Googlie Ghoulies) on the basic gray CS and on the whisper white inside liner, and stamped the sentiment at the bottom of the page in craft white.  They assembled the layers on the basic black CS, then added googly eyes (their favorite part--as they're already sticky on the back!).  They opted not to do the white accent lines--and it looks great!


Heather North said...

Very cute card. You must be a proud mom! How many kids will you be stamping with at school?

Deb Van Caster said...

I'm limiting it to 10 -- keeps the chaos down, and the need for too many stamps sets! :)